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CCcam & Newcam line tester

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What is Testious?

Testious is a web application built to test multiple cccam and newcam lines at once.

How it works?

Insert the lines in the textarea, click the process button and wait for the results. Testious will then connect to each line and report its status to you.

Alternatively, you can use the second input box to get the shares available for a single c-line.

What lines can be tested?

Testious accepts c-lines and n-lines in cccam format:

C-line syntax:

C: <hostname> <port> <username> <password>
e.g. C: yourhost.dyndns.org 12000 user pass

N-line syntax:

N: <hostname> <port> <username> <password> <deskey>
e.g. N: yourhost.dyndns.org 1234 user pass 01 02 03 04 05 06 07 08 09 10 11 12 13 14

The results

The tested lines are printed according to the following color codes:

Good lines. User/pass is correct but for CCcam v2.0.11 and below, the line may be in use.
Good lines but already in use by someone else. Works only with CCcam v2.1.0 and greater.
Wrong credentials. Bad username/password.
Dead host or too slow. Host not responding in the allowed time or syntax error.

Additionally, testious will append the cccam version or the available share at the end of the line.

  1. Paulo Meo said on December 7, 2017 at 6:21 pm

    C: cr97.pw 15003

    F: 49398 addskype:basichdserver
    F: Vzp5k addskype:basichdserver
    F: U1134 addskype:basichdserver
    F: 43Jc5 addskype:basichdserver
    F: 0q9D4 addskype:basichdserver
    F: DYXSs addskype:basichdserver
    F: B47JA addskype:basichdserver
    F: B3e6Q addskype:basichdserver
    F: Jc51o addskype:basichdserver
    F: 9D4xO addskype:basichdserver
    F: 733A6 addskype:basichdserver
    F: 7699Y addskype:basichdserver
    F: Q5c4W addskype:basichdserver
    F: GB066 addskype:basichdserver
    F: 4jA9d addskype:basichdserver
    F: 3A6L5 addskype:basichdserver
    F: 99YSr addskype:basichdserver
    F: 14602 addskype:basichdserver
    F: 9hI28 addskype:basichdserver
    F: 9y2c1 addskype:basichdserver
    F: 58fj4 addskype:basichdserver
    F: K3E39 addskype:basichdserver
    F: 60225 addskype:basichdserver
    F: 5pxa7 addskype:basichdserver
    F: 110B0 addskype:basichdserver
    F: 3ve2g addskype:basichdserver
    F: 2E851 addskype:basichdserver
    F: PbT4e addskype:basichdserver
    F: Xa706 addskype:basichdserver
    F: 0B0VC addskype:basichdserver
    F: 3c447 addskype:basichdserver
    F: X4aEM addskype:basichdserver
    F: FS23d addskype:basichdserver
    F: VZ6tK addskype:basichdserver
    F: M5oKr addskype:basichdserver
    F: 44776 addskype:basichdserver
    F: AEMQZ addskype:basichdserver
    F: Dq2kr addskype:basichdserver
    F: Uf71z addskype:basichdserver
    F: 0w3a2 addskype:basichdserver
    F: 66UhH addskype:basichdserver
    F: 81l70 addskype:basichdserver
    F: 2kr0V addskype:basichdserver
    F: 6n9yX addskype:basichdserver
    F: 29bf1 addskype:basichdserver
    F: 45401 addskype:basichdserver
    F: 8Jz32 addskype:basichdserver
    F: 39H2M addskype:basichdserver
    F: 9yXk7 addskype:basichdserver
    F: Be0ZJ addskype:basichdserver

    Happy share!

  2. Paulo Meo said on December 7, 2017 at 6:17 pm


    C: cr97.pw 15003 meonosfree1 skype:basichdserver


    C: cr97.pw 15003 meonosfree25 skype:basichdserver


    C: cr97.pw 15003 meo:nos:servers1 contact:skype:basichdserver


    C: cr97.pw 15003 meo:nos:servers5 contact:skype:basichdserver

    • DJack said on December 9, 2017 at 3:12 am

      Paulo muito obrigado por partilhar.
      Eu estou ligado ao H… 30W, mas nem todos os canais foram desbloqueados.

  3. tout IP va utiliser plus d’une ligne ou Reshare sera interdit ^ban ip^
    c: s1.dvbs1.cf 22000 dvbs11 www.dvbs1.cf
    c: s1.dvbs1.cf 22000 dvbs150 www.dvbs1.cf

  4. geirge said on December 7, 2017 at 3:16 pm

    I have 2 servers for test. Happy sharing
    C: best-price.cloudns.cc 15000 georgepopa olx
    C: php4.zapto.org 18000 george5 popa5

  5. marocfraja said on December 6, 2017 at 11:05 pm

    C: s1.cccamtodo1.cf 1700 USER www.cccamtodo1.cf
    User & Pass
    F: 49398 www.cccamtodo1.cf
    F: Vzp5k www.cccamtodo1.cf
    F: U1134 www.cccamtodo1.cf
    F: 43Jc5 www.cccamtodo1.cf
    F: 0q9D4 www.cccamtodo1.cf
    F: DYXSs www.cccamtodo1.cf
    F: B47JA www.cccamtodo1.cf
    F: B3e6Q www.cccamtodo1.cf
    F: Jc51o www.cccamtodo1.cf
    F: 9D4xO www.cccamtodo1.cf
    F: 733A6 www.cccamtodo1.cf
    F: 7699Y www.cccamtodo1.cf
    F: Q5c4W www.cccamtodo1.cf
    F: GB066 www.cccamtodo1.cf
    F: 4jA9d www.cccamtodo1.cf
    F: 3A6L5 www.cccamtodo1.cf
    F: 99YSr www.cccamtodo1.cf
    F: 14602 www.cccamtodo1.cf
    F: 9hI28 www.cccamtodo1.cf
    F: 9y2c1 www.cccamtodo1.cf
    F: 58fj4 www.cccamtodo1.cf
    F: K3E39 www.cccamtodo1.cf
    F: 60225 www.cccamtodo1.cf
    F: 5pxa7 www.cccamtodo1.cf
    F: 110B0 www.cccamtodo1.cf
    F: 3ve2g www.cccamtodo1.cf
    F: 2E851 www.cccamtodo1.cf
    F: PbT4e www.cccamtodo1.cf
    F: Xa706 www.cccamtodo1.cf
    F: 0B0VC www.cccamtodo1.cf
    F: 3c447 www.cccamtodo1.cf
    F: X4aEM www.cccamtodo1.cf
    F: FS23d www.cccamtodo1.cf
    F: VZ6tK www.cccamtodo1.cf
    F: M5oKr www.cccamtodo1.cf
    F: 44776 www.cccamtodo1.cf
    F: AEMQZ www.cccamtodo1.cf
    F: Dq2kr www.cccamtodo1.cf
    F: Uf71z www.cccamtodo1.cf
    F: 0w3a2 www.cccamtodo1.cf
    F: 66UhH www.cccamtodo1.cf
    F: 81l70 www.cccamtodo1.cf
    F: 2kr0V www.cccamtodo1.cf
    F: 6n9yX www.cccamtodo1.cf
    F: 29bf1 www.cccamtodo1.cf
    F: 45401 www.cccamtodo1.cf
    F: 8Jz32 www.cccamtodo1.cf
    F: 39H2M www.cccamtodo1.cf
    F: 9yXk7 www.cccamtodo1.cf
    F: Be0ZJ www.cccamtodo1.cf

  6. blossomlulu said on December 5, 2017 at 4:43 pm

    hola solo quiero una ayuda y muy agradesido por mi parte por este gran programa, yo solo quiero saber como encontrar cccam para engel 4800sr y astra 19.2

    muy agradecido y salut

  7. Fernando Pinto said on December 4, 2017 at 11:26 pm

    C: nos1975.hopto.org 10000 teste multicsr84

  8. Altaf Afridi said on December 3, 2017 at 5:08 pm

    I love it

  9. Fernando Pinto said on December 3, 2017 at 12:01 pm

    C: 10000 fvzyvq ppf4Tu

    F: 43w15t nshm8c 0
    F: 4C70V9 39y5tP 0
    F: X403m2 110a0V 0
    F: 9qz8bn Mah2L1 0
    F: 5477Iv 36qUDo 0
    F: DR2VS5 1N3255 0
    F: 8KB000 13z29Y 0
    F: bxuall z3yhbd 0
    F: i4x54e ueizun 0
    F: ddr1ls w83k7k 0
    F: zitbrs xy2s2t 0
    F: tpnejt vg5q6y 0
    F: re5uau 4vunb1 0
    F: wb44hh 4kmnxc 0
    F: k9huwb r6952f 0
    F: hd438t vpugrp 0
    F: d2ffg4 4jt1fv 0
    F: vyrykb xh46z5 0
    F: yehvmy oxyczw 0
    F: rvsuwd 8jxosk 0
    F: u2or9a w704on 0
    F: v3mvde v929g3 0
    F: pa7a6q 8mhyp9 0
    F: kevfjs vE4G5k 0
    F: z6XZbw rd8pXm 0
    F: sxncmx hsncpz 0
    F: ckuhm4 w4akmz 0
    F: dn5m4a vduk2o 0
    F: cSyz9n WuW3jr 0
    F: KFNe28 F2z8GV 0
    F: 568G80 Q8147S 0
    F: ctBJqx 8QEe7u 0
    F: gMhpwd fN6tw4 0
    F: sabsat titann 0
    F: eM44wT XKBt6X 0
    F: FSXhJ2 XLb5YE 0
    F: SbepzP dfLU3d 0
    F: tfvzMk xqCeDr 0
    F: 43j6qN x6ryUZ 0
    F: u85wL7 RZVTyZ 0
    F: VKtTcn uujKzA 0
    F: NSJPWv GbdLEP 0
    F: XaMRQv MBuDm8 0
    F: gXSeTc Z7mJy9 0
    F: pvPd4P gwyaZF 0
    F: q33e2t Fz7msu 0
    F: RjtC6e f52TJz 0
    F: D4vsxQ CCRBWz 0
    F: MSdDV4 HVejhJ 0

  10. Sudansat said on December 3, 2017 at 5:51 am

    5000 CCCAM Lines from SudanSat Server

    Host: sudanserver.ddns.net
    Port: 12222
    Password: info@sudansat.net
    Users (Can be any user between sudansat1 & sudansat5000):


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